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Food Waste Collection

We offer a food waste collection service for businesses in Edinburgh so you can recycle your business food waste and avoid sending it to landfill. By recycling food waste, it can be used to generate electricity, providing an excellent eco-friendly option for your business.

Food Waste: Features

Food Waste Management Service

Many businesses produce food waste, and this means they need an efficient waste management service. This includes restaurants, cafes, hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry, but also businesses in other industries.

Whatever type of business you have, and whatever you need, we can help you meet your food disposal needs.

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Food Waste Facts:
What You Can Recycle

We can collect and recycle lots of different types of food waste:

  • Solids and liquids

  • Out-of-date food

  • Waste from food processing

  • Agricultural waste

  • Food that cannot be sold

  • Food waste from cafes and restaurants

  • Food waste from bakeries

You need to be able to dispose of food waste safely, and our bespoke service is designed just for you. We can provide you with the bins and then collect and dispose of food waste in the best way possible while causing minimal disruption to your business.

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Food Waste Recycling with Anaerobic Digestion

We don’t just send food waste to landfill. Instead, we take it to a local anaerobic digestion facility. These use the latest technology to process food waste and convert it into a source of renewable energy. This is better for the environment because it reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

The facility uses microorganisms that break down the waste without oxygen to produce methane. This is then collected and converted into biogas, where it can be used to generate heat, electricity or even fuel for transportation. As part of the process, digestate is created, which is rich in nutrients and can be used in agriculture as a fertiliser.

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Choose Us for Commercial Food Waste Management

Our service is convenient, affordable and reliable. We can carry out a waste audit to find out about your collection needs to put together a detailed plan, ensuring it is tailored to your unique requirements.

The amount of food waste differs from business to business, so we can arrange to collect small amounts as well as large amounts of waste. Choose us for great customer service, competitive pricing and a reliable service you can trust.

Contact Us Today

If your business produces food waste and you want to dispose of it safely and efficiently, we will be happy to help. Contact us now to discuss your requirements and get a free quote.

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