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Commercial Glass Recycling

We provide our customers with a glass recycling service all over Edinburgh. Some businesses need to discard large amounts of glass such as pubs, restaurants, hotels and clubs. But don’t discard your glass by sending it to landfill – it can be recycled instead.

Glass Recycling: Features

Professional Glass Waste Collection Service

When you work with us, you can dispose of your glass in a wheeled bin in several sizes. The glass is then shipped overseas where it is recycled.

We're waste management experts and can tailor a package for you depending on the amount of glass you need to be collected and how frequently you require collection.

Don’t Send Glass to Landfill

Glass has no place in landfill. It does not decompose, and it can be fully recycled. But a lot of glass still ends up in landfill. You can keep your glass waste out of landfill by using our service and doing your bit for the environment.

Glass can easily be melted down and reused again. It’s an incredibly versatile material, and it can be made into a wide range of products – not just glass bottles but products like fibre optic cables. It can be recycled numerous times, using far fewer raw materials than creating new glass from scratch.

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Efficient Commercial Glass Recycling Service

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We will provide you with a reliable and convenient service to help you improve your glass recycling efforts.

This is especially suitable for businesses that produce a lot of glass including pubs and bars, restaurants, hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry. But it’s also useful for other industries like construction.

We will carry out a waste audit for you and create a bespoke service for your business to meet your specific needs. We will supply the bins for your glass waste and determine a collection schedule that suits you. Once we collect the glass, we will take it away to be processed, recycled and used again.

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Need a quote for glass recycling? Then contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and come up with a collection schedule to help you meet your recycling targets.

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